Man Dies, Discovers Ultimate Truth About Our Soul's Purpose on Earth

ascensieEen bijna dood ervaring, waarin de waarheid over het doel van ons leven werd geopendbaard



Andy Petro drowned in a lake for 15 minutes two days before his high school graduation in 1955.

As he jumped in the lake that day the water was freezing cold, he struggled to swim out to his friends who were on a floating platform waving at him. After a few minutes he started feeling cramps in his lower abdomen and drowned. While he was at the bottom of the lake he heard a voice telling him to just let go. When he listened, suddenly he was no longer cold or in pain. He looked back and saw his body -- entangled in the weeds at the bottom of the lake.

Then he felt himself rushing toward a light. The Light said, “Andy, don’t be afraid, we love you.” When I was standing before the Light and the Light said, “Andy don’t be afraid, Andy I love you, Andy we love you!” … at that moment of no time, I was “absorbed” into the Light … I actually became the Light. But also retained my “Andy-ness.” Now for a sweet analogy … being absorbed into the Light is like dissolving a spoonful of sugar (Earth-Andy) into a bowl of water (the One Light). Then, I ask myself this question: Can I take a normal spoonful of “Light-water” from the bowl that does not have any “Andy-sugar” in it? No, because the water and the sugar, in liquid form, in the bowl are One. There is no spoonful of sugar water any greater or less than any other spoonful of sugar water. We are all One, and it is a very sweet One too! Andy is the author of two books: Alive in the Light: Remembering the Light Eternity and Remembering the Light Through Poetry.