Robert F. Kennedy EXPOSES The Corruption of EMPIRE

aardbol4Robert F. Kennedy EXPOSES The Corruption of EMPIRE





2024 Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can unflinchingly and unequivocally answer that question: For Freedom. For Health.For All Life. RFK Jr.’s uncle JFK and father RFK were aware that they might have to pay the ultimate price for standing for what they believed. RFK Jr. is cut from the same cloth of integrity and is stepping forward in a courageous stance to expose the corruption of Empire. A free market capitalist at heart, Robert is an environmental lawyer, author, and founder of the Children's Health Defense.

He’s spent the last 40 years in litigation and information dissemination trying to keep our government and the corporations that run it behind the scenes, honest. He’s won many of those battles, and the corporate press has slandered him mercilessly for it. In today’s podcast, we talk about the capture of our regulatory agencies, corruption of government, and the current trajectory of global leaders toward complete totalitarian control.