Paris Hilton: Overcoming Abuse, Toxic Fame & Finding REAL LOVE

kleuren kindEen kijkje in het leven van Paris Hilton




Paris opens up about her life as a teen where she dealt with abusive adults without asking for help, living in shame and trauma, being portrayed as someone who is completely the opposite of who she really is, and finally finding the support system that she needed to find healing and create a safe space where she can be her true self. Pari Hilton is a CEO, New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist, DJ, designer, recording artist, actress, host, model, and influencer Paris has defined and dominated pop culture commanding her position as one of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

She has masterfully harnessed her self-made spotlight to architect a thriving entertainment and consumer products empire which spans an impressive range of businesses and verticals, including tv, film, audio, music, publishing, licensing, consumer products, brand partnerships, and so many more. In 2006, she created Paris Hilton Entertainment, a multi-billion dollar company consisting of 45 branded stores, 19 product lines, and 29 fragrances that has amassed over 4 billion in revenue. In 2001, Variety declared Paris as a billion dollar entrepreneur in recognition of her successful business and global brand.