Children Whose Reincarnation Stories Will Blow Your Mind

reincarnatie kinderenWhen he was 18 months old, Gus Taylor started to talk about his previous life – as his own grandfather!


Once during a diaper change, Gus told his father about how he used to change his diapers. Could you imagine? I’d get a good laugh out of that. His dad didn’t think much of it. One evening when Gus was 4, he and his parents were looking at old pictures of Grandpa Augie. Gus had never seen these photos, but was able to pick out his grandfather in each group photo. Here’s the story in full:

From the beginning, Edward Austrian had a deep phobia of dark, damp weather and had many throat problems. The latter was so interesting because Edward referred to his throat problems as his ‘shot.’ When he was 4 years old, he developed a cyst in his throat and was taken in for tonsillitis. Upon waking from the surgery, the boy because to recall his previous life as James, an 18 year old soldier. Edward told his mother that he was shit in the throat during a battle. Here’s Edward’s story:

James Leininger’s story is absolutely incredible. Since the day he was born, James loved airplanes. At a young age, he began having bad dreams about a place accident. After the dreams began, he started remembering a past life as a fighter pilot. As James aged, he was able to share some compelling details about his past life; even sharing his name and the ship on which he served. He could also identify his co-pilot’s name. The story gets interesting when his father attempts to track down his co-pilot: