Rick Levine's December 2023 Forecast:

astrologie10Wat vertellen de sterren over het eind van dit jaar?



Somehow, we’ve nearly made it through another year. But prior to bolting into 2024, December offers us a chance to reflect on our past and make necessary adjustments that can have a profound impact on our future. Mercury the Messenger takes center stage as its retrograde phase commands a push-pull dance between idealistic Sagittarius and realistic Capricorn. We begin the month as the Cosmic Trickster enters stern Saturn’s domain of Capricorn on December 1 only to begin its retrograde on December 12, turning our thoughts inward and backward.

However, Mercury reenters Jupiter’s home of Sagittarius on December 22, lifting our spirits and dangling the carrot of hope until January 1 when it resumes its direct motion. Our vacillation between optimism and pessimism is further muddled by aspects to phantasmagorical Neptune throughout the month, including a square from the willful Sun on December 16, a trine from beautiful Venus on December 25, and squares from retrograde Mercury and reactive Mars on December 26-28. What we think we see is not quite what we get. Meanwhile, deep shadow work is a priority, especially when perceptive Pluto is stressed on December 3, December 5, and December 13. Thankfully, our efforts may be sweetly rewarded on December 28 when Venus forms a cooperative sextile to Pluto. In fact, pleasure-seeking Venus is speeding through the heavens, slipping into mysterious Scorpio on December 4 and then sashaying into adventurous Sagittarius on December 29. Although the outer planets are not gaining much ground, there is a subtle yet powerful shift underway with Saturn and Pluto already inching forward after their retrogrades and Neptune turning direct on December 6, followed by Chiron and Jupiter on the 26th and 30th, respectively.

The Sagittarius New Moon sets the tone for the holiday season on December 12 at 3:32 pm PST, bringing a sense of confidence to these uncertain times. The New Moon’s sesquisquare to joyful Jupiter doubles down on the theme of uplifting our spirits yet its quincunx to irrepressible Uranus suggests a surprise or two along the way. The square to imaginative Neptune sprinkles magic fairy dust over reality, making it difficult for us to discern fact from fiction. On a separate note, stationary retrograde Mercury reactivates the indulgent Venus-Jupiter opposition that was exact on December 9, prompting us to exaggerate our expectations or make promises we might not be able to deliver. The Cancer Full Moon on December 26 at 4:33 pm PST reminds us that we must work to balance our inner feelings with the realities of our outer circumstances. The self-protective Cancer Moon tempts us to withdraw from the busyness of our lives while the serious Capricorn Sun won’t let us ignore our responsibilities.

Staying engaged with current social and political issues is encouraged by Jupiter’s sextile to the Full Moon and its trine to the Sun. However, wildcard Uranus is also connected to the lunation’s dynamics as it threatens to release pent-up tensions. And, once again, illusory Neptune is in the mix as squares from Mercury and Mars could inspire divine action or delusional behavior. Overall, there is a lot of movement this month, but real progress is tentative and uneven at best. Frustration is our greatest enemy, for it can tempt us to act impulsively on what we believe to be the truth. Patience is a useful practice, but that doesn’t mean we should be lazy or complacent. There is always something constructive we can do in the present moment. Thankfully, time will tell us what we need to know in order to turn 2024 into the productive year we seek. All the planets will be moving direct by the end of January and we’ll see the pace of change quicken as we launch into the future. Entertaining idealistic dreams is healthy as long as we can maintain an openminded perspective as we dutifully work toward manifesting our dreams.

May peace be in all our hearts during this season of reflection and celebration!