Laura Eisenhower - The inner shift into higher earth energies

wakker wordenThere is a fourth dimensional spiritual awakening available right now, and the battle ground is in each and every mind. 


But, it’s hard to be true to ourselves when we have been driven into a corner by TPTB and our physical well being is at stake: our home and the circle of life it encompasses, our jobs and the constant stress of living pay cheque to pay cheque. The struggle and duress that comes with the day to day survival of our distorted lives, are too much for us to bear, we are overwhelmed, and so we go along with things, knowing they are spiritually and morally wrong. Knowing we should speak up….and don’t.

We have been reduced from beings that walked the stars to grovelling servants of a brutal and unforgiving master.  We are so fearful of loss,  that we ‘put up with it’ and ‘shut up’ because it is expedient and, we  might lose our job or a relationship if we made our true feelings known… This denial of heart is an anchor field to ascension and the worst kind of cowardice there is.  And, we are all guilty of it.

Mind/heart versus Heart/mind

How many times has your heart played second fiddle to your mind, and you’ve done something against your better judgement, and then justified the action…we are good at justifying our actions, aren’t we? And as the saying goes, ‘Justification is like masturbation, you only screw yourself’.

Our erroneous and self-based thinking has brought the planet to its knees, and we are all responsible for what is happening in the outer/ inner world.  Our thinking for the most part is as violent and negative as the events we witness in the projection of ourselves… the planet. We are constantly and instinctively reacting to stimulus  in the world of swings and roundabouts, the un-winnable chess game of duality: the ‘us and them’.

The real awakening is the understanding, that the spiritual battle is taking place within and not without, and that the inner is the outer and that one creates the other. We have to disengage from the  fruitless exercise of ‘the us and them’ and take the energy  spent in conflict, the fuel of our planet’s demise, and channel the ‘charge’ into our connection with the whole.

DNA upgrade

I don’t see the DNA upgrade happening for the masses, the angry third dimensional fractals involved in the programme of ‘us and them.’  The know alls of nothingness[and I have been there] who hang on to infantile ideas…about saving the planet, a cosy world of love and equality where no one is in need.

Let’s get real:  Most of us  are violent and divisive, we label ourselves as this and that, and we pontificate about the heart when we know nothing of it. Our utopia is a pipe dream folks! The rigged game of life  is  hard for us to comprehend, we don’t want to believe the truth of our duality/reality and so we go into denial, the great escape… we still believe the ‘game can be won’. We  carry on fighting for all kinds of noble causes, not realizing that our energy is being co-opted by the energetic vampire that has imprisoned our divinity into the ‘game of us and them’, a game that can’t be won. We’re food animals, just like the poor creatures that we prey on….and we are all feeding our energetic tape worms on some level.

The reptile mind, the ego, the little ‘I’ believes that it is dependent on the outside world for the necessities of life, and acts out its programming accordingly, and the parasitic worm that has taken over our divinity in this dimension, calls the shots. To liberate ourselves, we have to turn inward, observe our thinking and how we react to duality, the eternal chess game of ‘us and them’. Are we playing? Of course we are and so is everyone else.

Trusting in the power of our divinity

The journey of the soul to its divinity is a tremendous struggle and is ours and ours alone. Overcoming the programme of the senses is beset with challenges on every level of our being. The attacks on our divine consciousness arise in the R/Complex and are amplified into our awareness by the subluxation of the atlas bone,  Atlas is the multi-dimensional being, the true man that holds the world upon his shoulders. The subluxation of the human atlas mirrors the same degrees of error as the tilting of our earth and is another example of how the outer is the inner and vice versa.

Is there a way out of duality and the confines of the programme?

The  tarot card ‘The Chariot’  in the Rider-Waite deck sums up humanity’s plight… and its redemption. The driver of the chariot has no reins to control his horses, so they run amok. The chariot driver is humanity, torn apart by its divided mind, unable to take the reins of control over its own destiny. The only way to leave the matrix, is to take up the reins of mindfulness and observe the programme in ourselves. The ego worm is cunning. It  is always ready to overpower the divine mind with seductive or painful emotions and, it is remarkable how our instinctual reactions to perceived threats or loss, provoke fear and violence within us, and how prevalent these thought forms are through out our waking hours. I challenge you, to watch your minds and observe the attacks of the parasitic ego on divinity.