'Ascension Symptoms' and Finding Balance

ascensieAscension symptoms (see a list here>>) are typically symptoms that happen as our kundalini rises.


But, these conditions shouldn’t need to become permanent fixtures in our lives, leading to diagnoses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, food and chemical sensitivities, ADHD and more. So, what else might we need to know if we find ourselves experiencing “ascension symptoms” over a long period of time? To answer this, we can begin to ask question such as;

1. How are we doing when it comes to balancing the yin with the yang?
Our lifestyles are very yang right now. Yang is represented by the “doer,” whereas yin is represented by the “feeler.” The yang energy is rooted in fire, activity, competition, drive and conquest, but this needs to be balanced by the gentler energies of the yin which is rooted in water, receptivity, gentleness, and emotions. Too much yang can “burn” us out. It is too much fire. When burnt out, we need to embrace the yin in order to heal ourselves. Some ascension symptoms can even be caused by low-grade dehydration (the need for more water).

Why do we do this to ourselves?
As a culture we are taught to strive. We are taught that to do more and have more is good, while simplicity and yielding corresponds with laziness or “lack.” We feel driven to keep up with the many expectations that collectively fall upon us, which the bar continually raises. Within these expectations, we are given definitions of “success,” “failure,” “abundance,” “positive” and “negative” that limit us in conscious and unconscious ways, and can lead to the repression or denial of what is considered “negative.” However, in order to balance this out, we can begin to allow ourselves to feel our feelings, let go of perfectionism and learn how to find worth internally, rather than excessively seeking it in the external world. We can also begin to think about ways we can become more loving and gentle towards life and our dreams and goals.

2. How are we doing when it comes to the Law of Balance? Yes, there is a Law of Attraction, but also a Law of Balance. We can begin to see how both Laws operate together. For example; notice how wherever excess is created through the use of our energy and resources, depletion of some sort must result at another level. This is why we have all the abundance we could ask for, and, yet, we still feel lacking, depressed, burnt out and our environment seems to be mirroring some of these symptoms as well.

So, how can some of our “ascension symptoms” begin to reflect burnout, if we feel we have to overextend ourselves and our energies in order to function in a dysfunctional world? Allergies, chronic fatigue, sleep troubles, anxiety, panic and other symptoms happen when we become overtaxed or overwhelmed in either body or mind. The system becomes exhausted and the amygdalae become overstimulated; so they keep firing off fight or flight warnings attempting to alert us to anything that can be perceived as out of balance, or as a threat or toxin.

The more we ignore the red flashing warning lights–the more we over-do, the more our organs and glands can become hypo or hyper in functioning—representing states of excess or exhaustion. As one gland is affected, sometimes others are similarly affected, as well; for example; a hypothyroid condition can be accompanied by hypoglycemia, adrenal issues, etc.

As an overwhelmed immune system starts to attack anything that may be a threat, sometimes things that should be considered harmless become targeted as well. This is usually symbolic of what is happening within us emotionally and mentally, as well. Also, food allergies, as symptoms of “intolerance,” can symbolically reflect where we are becoming intolerant of some form of nurturing. This said, through all our worldly striving, are we losing our ability to know how to allow ourselves to be truly loved, nurtured and to love and respect our body and its energies?

3. How are we doing when it comes to allowing ourselves to move beyond the need for speed and quick fixes?
Quick fixes are another symbol of our fast paced lifestyles. We rely on them because we do not have the time or permission to slow down. We need these quick fixes and short cuts to survive. Or so we are told.
The overuse of speed, quick fixes and drugs can have long-term consequences on our health. For example, the overuse of antibiotics and birth control can lead to candida “over-growth” (linked to causing many of the “ascension symptoms” listed on websites, including allergies), which, Candida can symbolize being too “scattered” or doing too many things.
Sometimes we become intolerant toward quick fixes as a signal that our body is overwhelmed or trying to protect us.

After all, we are confronted by geopathic stress, pollution, stressors, media and other by-products of our societal need for leisure, quick fixes, convenience, speed, etc. But, how many of us take into account how a mind-set that focused on short cuts can lead our bodies, mind and world to become polluted on some level?

4. How are we doing when it comes to understanding how to be natural versus un-nature-al?
Because we have been conditioned to see our lives as ‘normal,’ we cannot always see how unnatural they have become. This inability to honor the natural occurs on several levels.

The first level is emotional. We are taught to deny or dissociate from various and natural aspects of ourselves and our emotions. We even fear to manifest something “negative” if we do not dissociate these ways. This is not how manifestation works, however. We can manifest what we repress and deny, and this need not be an unloving process. In fact, it can help us to bring to light what we cannot love, in order to face it (with love, of course). And, yes, we want to be “good” spiritual people. But, splitting ourselves this way can lead to experience symptoms of panic, anxiety, nightmares, and OCD as our natural emotions attempt to resurface and say “Hey! You forgot to love me.”

The second level is lifestyle. How are we trying to push ourselves, beyond what is natural? How do we attempt to deal with stress, pain, fatigue and anxiety through approaches that ask us to see what is going on within us as a weakness rather than a natural response to a stimuli?

The third level is our definitions; for example of abundance. Our primary definition of abundance is un-nature-al; i.e. it consists mainly of accumulating what is un-nature-al and lifeless. At the same time, we are subtly conditioned to believe that is important we strive for this. So, the more we focus in this unnatural way, the more we create unnatural by-products for ourselves energetically and physically, even at a planetary level (when we all partake in the same definitions).

The fourth level concerns what we are ingesting (which can become symbolic). Sometimes we develop an intolerance to what we ingest, because, in some cases, it is bio-engineered or un-nature-al. This includes sensitivity to additives, preservatives, chemicals, drugs, and other unnatural things.

The fifth level is our mind, energy and chakras. While expanding spiritually and intuitively can activate our upper chakras, when combined with too much obsession, scatteredness, focus on outcomes, and mental pursuits, we can more easily develop an over-active crown chakra. This can lead to headaches, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. In such cases more grounding, centeredness and balancing overactive and underactive chakras is the healing balm.

Also, while some websites state buzzing in the ears can be a symptom of ascension, we also need to remember we are surrounded by “dirty energy” (which pollutes the collective energy field and affects us as well). According to experts in geopathic stress, buzzing in the ears can be symptomatic of living too close to cell towers, wifi signals (smart meters, internet, cellphone) and even mercury filled light bulbs.

So, what can we do?
If we find we have long-lasting “ascension symptoms” there is hope. The fact that many people are developing these symptoms can help us to band together to heal the collective and planet. Begin to question the beliefs we live by, separating those which help us find our worth internally (as the masters taught us) from those which trap us in finding it primarily in the external world. Remember that true ascension frees the mind from ego, too much focus on or identification with the self, as well as too much focus on the mind, labels, material striving, and competition. Ascension releases the physical and rises above it, as is inherent in its very definition: “To rise above.” However, this is not a rising above which should leave us feeling tired, dizzy, anxious, ungrounded or depleted in life force.

Developing “gifts” is great, but we will make our paths easier if we can remember to take an approach that is gentle, balanced and nature-al rather than forced. Remember Eckhart Tolle and his “Power of Now,” because we all deserve to feel love and at peace, and that love and peace comes from within us, rather than from our external efforts within the world.