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Does the mom life, wife duties, and career obligations have you feeling lost in a whirlwind? Are you ready to reclaim your identity and reignite that spark of joy? Then buckle up because today's guest, Andrea Navedo, is about to change your life! You may know Andrea from her role in 'Jane the Virgin', but her real-life journey is even more inspiring. She battled through fears, fought the inner negative voices, and emerged as the powerful, authentic, badass.

Today, she's here to share her story and empower you to do the same. In this episode, we dive right into the guilt of choosing yourself - we tend to rank all of our other roles to everyone else over ourselves on a daily basis. But guess what? Your needs matter too! We'll explore how to combat fear, silence the negative chatter in your head, and stop using family and responsibilities as an excuse not to chase your dreams.