Going beyond the Limitations of Mind

brain4Rupert Spira legt uit wat er voorbij het denken is


What lies beyond the limitations of mind and body? Can the consciousness-only model account for supernatural phenomena such as astral bodies and near-death or out-of-body experiences? And can it explain what happens to us when we die or why some people claim to be able to communicate with the dead? Rupert says that our minds and bodies are only a temporary limitation or contraction of unlimited consciousness.

Upon death the body disintegrates, but the mind doesn't necessarily go all the way back to infinite consciousness straight away. There is nothing to suggest that it may not take time to go back to its source or that it may not pause and coalesce again. And because all of our minds are localisations of the same consciousness, they are all connected. So if one mind is alive in this realm and another mind has died, there could still be some connection between.

Why? Because they're only in two different realms from the materialist perspective of the mind. From the perspective of consciousness, they're all contained in the same field.