Michael Roads: The Great Awaking 2021

michael roads.1140jpgThe following letter is a request or invitation for you, all the people.


Please join us: Michaelroads.online as described below. This offers you a great opportunity to be involved, whether you do the online course, or not. We need the assistance of people with a large outreach like you. Thank you sincerely.

We all know that we are living in unprecedented times. The very structure of life as we know it is collapsing. We have long lived in a society we fondly referred to as ‘democratic.’ Even this is under threat. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is very serious in its quest for world domination, and is far closer to achieving this than is currently realised by the Western World.

If we ask why all this is happening, the general answer would be that our ages old apathy regarding world affairs outside our own insular concerns is reaping a harsh harvest. Such apathy is a denial of spiritual growth; it denies growth in the human consciousness, thus holding humanity suspended in turmoil as chaos escalates on a global level.

A common term for our times is the Great Awakening. I have also termed it as the Great Divide. Humanity is now in the chaotic throes of either clinging to the Old, or moving toward the New. This is dividing us on a global scale. I made my choice for the New over fifty years ago. Now . . . everyone has to choose! Nothing is by accident, nothing by chance. The so-called coronavirus is simply a catalyst for change. It also offers an opportunity for many souls to withdraw from the turmoil; this is most noticeable in the health-compromised elderly. 

As our avenues of global air travel were slammed shut, and is now being compromised by vaccination passports, I have been forced — kicking! and screaming! — toward the only way that I can reach my public . . . Michael Roads online. This is an old dog new tricks thing!! I took a year of doing short videos to progress from the 'deer in the headlights’ to actually becoming comfortable and accepting of this new technology. I, also, have had to Change! What I learned is that the eye contact that I have always enjoyed and thought I needed, was in fact less essential than the ‘heart’ contact that we have maintained online. I am heart-fully there and you are heart-fully there. This creates spiritual alchemy . . . and it works. 

Having done a successful on-line Intensive with Sophie for the Francophones, I am now ready for our major online launch of The Great Awakening 2021 – an immersive 9-week Live Online Course via Zoom. This will be in the English language and launched around the world. The theme of the Great Awakening is that if you are spiritually awake and aware, no corrupt regime or global disaster can reduce or enslave you. The intent of this online course is to teach people how to take the authority of their own life. ‘Control' of your life seems the obvious word, but this is not about control; it is about sovereignty. To be the sovereign of your own life, to be your own authority. In this way there is no mind-numbing fear, no deep anxiety, no worries, no stress. Instead, there is Self/self Love, total Trust and deep inner peace. Interestingly, the more people who reach this deep inner Balance, the more we positively affect the global turmoil. You can find more information about The Great Awakening on this new site:https://www.michaelroads.online/the-great-awakening-2021

Also involved in this is the Michael Roads Teachings – my new Online Membership platform. This will make available all my video’s (a lot!), my musings, my meditations, and the Michael Roads Community. ( I have a bit of trouble with all this Michael Roads stuff!!) More about the Membership platform here:https://www.michaelroads.online/michael-roads-teachings

After you have signed up you will find a SHARE LINK for the Great Awakening 2021 and Michael Roads Teachings.

Together, we bring positive and uplifting Change into the human consciousness.

In Love and Light . . . Michael

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