Gregg Braden - Mysteries of Human DNA

dna4Gregg Braden - Mysteries of Human DNA




Join Dr. Theresa Bullard- Whyke, the host of a brand-new show Quantum Minds TV, and our very own Gregg Braden, for a fascinating conversation about the human ability to upregulate genes on demand. What is Quantum Minds TV? The new paradigm is about empowering and expanding our awareness of who we are, our vast potential, and how we can transform our world for the better. Quantum Minds TV is an open and flowing exchange of ideas about some of the most paradigm-shattering concepts that challenge outmoded ways of thinking and being. These conscious conversations help to reveal, and even pioneer, emergent new paradigm philosophies. By drawing from a myriad of different subjects, including modern science, ancient wisdom, and innate human potential, we aim to catalyze the expansion of human consciousness!