Rise up and get out of the Matrix


matrixGregg Braden is een fantastisch spreker en zijn tijd ver voorbij. Deze inspirerende lezing willen we je niet onthouden. Het is een zit van 3 uur, maar zeer de moeite van het bekijken waard. Met nog een filmpje dat je aan het denken zal zetten. Rise UP!



All information in this video can be researched online but Gregg does a great job of making it all easier for us. If we had this information from the start they would have never been able to have this much control over us.The parts that were taken out of the Bible were the most empowering parts. That really proves they had every intention of our enslavement way way back. Sorry about the length of this video but it did take 12 years of indoctrination to take us away from the truth. I also edited out a few of his personal stories and chats with his audience that did not seem relevant to this information.

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