Michael Jackson -Time Traveller & Teacher

kleuren muziekA session with Michael was never going to be ordinary



In this dialogue we discuss amongst other things: Time Travel, Shape Shifting, Cosmic Origins, the shock of landing on Earth (!), Paying off Karmic Debt BOTH sides of the veil, His role here on Earth now, Lisa Marie Presley, his Music, Plastic Surgery, His relationship with Money, Healing Children and our Inner Child, his Death / Transition to Spirit, his connections in spirit – John Lennon and Elvis feature, the redemptive power of Forgiveness, being ahead of his time….and his ongoing love for us all….
John Lennons arrival and overlap of energy at the end (last 20 mins or so) confused me a little when he bought in Paul McCartney – the song Ebony & Ivory is wrong and should have been Say Say Say ….Michael and Pauls collaboration – although the link with The Beatles probably leads us on to next video which will likely be John despite what I say at end of this – Elvis still needs a little coaxing…