The Feminine Divine and The Art of Creation

godin1aDit is een van de beste diepteinterviews over de scheppende kracht van het vrouwelijke, de creatieve Godin. Over de schoonheid van de Grote Moeder, de wijsheid van Sophie, de schaduw van Lilith. Heel mooi....

This is the best in depth overview of the archetypal story of the Feminine Divine as revealed to and through Leigh J McCloskey's art, deep wisdom, and storytelling. Leigh begins by exploring his actor's life and his personal journey as an artist into the story of creativity and the theatre of the psyche. He explores the female archetypes of his Tarot ReVisioned* drawings and book as an introduction to the meaning and implication of the Feminine Divine and the Art of Creation. This sets the imaginative ground for the revelation of his "painted cave" and library studio, The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul (acronym: THOTHS) that he began to paint on 9-11-01 as a spontaneous creative epiphany. He shares the beauty and implication of the Great Mother, Sophia, the hidden and veiled goddess within woman Lilith, and her relationship to Eve, the Mother of Generation and womanhood.  Take an imaginative journey with Leigh J. McCloskey as he retells the story of Genesis through art and creation reminding us that we are returning home after a very long journey across vast ages and that humankind and all of creation is a work of art and a thing of beauty and meaning.