Do Your Heart Lines Match Up? Mine did. This is What it Means!

hand van godPalm reading is an ancient art and was used by both Aristotle and Alexander the Great. It’s roots are found in Chinese and Indian traditions and it is now used all over the world.





Palm reading gives one an insight into the personality of the person they are reading. Although it is considered a pseudoscience, many people believe in the knowledge that can be found in the palm of a hand or hands.

One such line that signifies great importance is the heart line. The heart line is the upper of the two vertical lines that cross the palm of the hand. This line signifies a person’s physical health and the type of emotional relationships they tend to form.

Now, there is a form of palm reading that reads both hands at the same time and uses that knowledge to make a prediction about a person’s personality. One of these readings has to do with the heart lines.

Take both hands and line them up perfectly with the pinkies touching. Now take a look at your heart lines. How they match up may say something about your love life.

If the heart line on the right hand is higher than the one on the left hand, it could mean that one is a good lover. They are wise beyond their years and tend to be attracted to old souls. Also, these people tend to live freely and don’t care much about what others think about them.

If the heart line on the left hand is higher than the one on the right, it could mean that the person is more independent or assertive. These people may not need love to complete themselves and tend to enjoy challenges. Love is not something they actively search for.

Now, if the heart lines match, the person tends to be more calm. These people are also more likely to be very nurturing and to be considered good parents. Change is also hated among those with equal level heart lines.

Now, my heart lines match and I tend to be more calm than most. I have also been told that I am an excellent parent. However, the bit about change is a little more difficult for me to accept. I may not like change, but I have learned to deal with it.

What do you think? Does this ring true for you?

To learn more about the heart line, take a look at the video below!


There isn’t a person that hasn’t ever been tempted to visit a palm reader and find out something about their future, career and even love. Everyone grows up dreaming about the love of their life and many people would like to know more about this person before they even met her/him.


Luckily, you no longer need to go to a palm reader in order to know your love story. You can actually read your palm lines yourself by simply looking at the very first line below your fingers. This line is called the line of marriage and it can tell a lot about your relationship status.

Now, look at your palms and see what the line of marriage says about your love life!


3 Different Types of Palm Lines

1. The same height


This means that your family will like and accept your spouse.

2. The right hand is higher.


This means that you aren’t really conservative in terms of following social standards, but instead, you only do what you want to do.

3. The left hand is higher.


This means that you are fearless and love taking challenges and exploring unconventional ways.