The Secret To Changing The World

wereld5We all hold the capacity to change the world; but what does this really mean? There are so many ways we can shift the collective consciousness just by being genuine in all of our interactions and preforming everything to the best of our ability.


When we act out of love and authenticity, we invite others to do the same. When we are fully ourselves, boldly and gently; we become an example of stability and that invites others to do the same.  We can start changing the world by having purposeful interactions in our daily lives.

When we fractal it out to the global consciousness, everyone needs to be propelled forward by their passion. It is your highest excitement that drives you to do what you do, and if that desire was focused around shifting our world into alignment, it would happen!

If everyone suddenly woke up with a sense of urgency that the world needed to change, that passion would drive us to take immediate action.

Passion is what moves us forward.

There’s this amazing, practical Bashar video that sets out a kind of formula called the “Passion Principle.”

He lays out 5 steps to, essentially change the world.


Take a moment to think, what do I really love? What kind of subject, job, project, ideas am I attracted to? What makes them attractive?  When you feel that driving force pushing you to take certain paths in your life, follow that feeling as it will bring the most amount of excitement to you.


A lot of our goals or dreams seem to be unreachable because of time, its ‘too big’ of a dream, a lack of money or support, etc. Our society is designed to lock us in a job so we can pay off everything else we’ve accumulated. There isn’t really a system in place that supports the very human desire to travel and live off the world in a sustainable manner.

When we express our passions to each other, that’s when we can really manifest them collectively. Share your ideas and you will attract people with a similar goal. When we focus and create a kind of project, program, community, etc. with like-minded people; that is changing the world.


It takes a lot of time and energy to put together programs whether it be an anxiety program, a farming/ cultivation program, a dance program; they all take work and creativity. Write out the steps needed to move forward with your projects and recognize the actions required to move it from the mental plane to reality.

Place your energy into learning the skills needed to keep manifesting your dreams. The more you explore and expand the awareness of what you’re creating, the more real it becomes.


We need people to change the world! We need to be at a level of awareness where we see the value in connection with each other and the Earth and have that desire push us all forward. We can blend and merge our projects, businesses, and communities to expand around the world and literally forge together to create a new reality.

If we all bought land around the world and spiraled out like a Fibonacci sequence, our locations would grow and merge with each other. The global shift we are all asking for would come into existence through deliberate action and loving intention.


It is so important that we keep being driven by our passions. When we shift into a higher consciousness, it’s because we’re staying in alignment with who we are. It is a constant ebb and flow of receiving and giving energy.

Luckily for everyone, existing in a state of joy is our innate way of living. When we design a global system that allows for everyone to thrive, the modern struggles of life cease to exist. The days of simply “getting by” will be long gone and we will support one another physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The current structure of society is, however not there yet so it’s important to begin in your inner circle and as it expands, we reach new heights, together.

Start with yourself, follow your passions, and include others who are following a similar path. We will grow and ultimately, not be ignored.