"The Heart of A Course in Miracles" by Michael Mirdad

Cursus in WonderenI started studying A Course in Miracles around the time that it initially came out to the world. And I found A Course in Miracles to be more than just another book, more than just more material that one could study.




I found that A Course of Miracles was actually an expression of Christ Consciousness, and Christ Consciousness is a topic and a theme that had been dear to me all my life. So it came to pass that eventually I wrote a book related to A Course in Miracles. It's called "The Heart of A Course in Miracles" and the reason I called it that is because I realized that for so long book after book that came out related to the course was very "heady." It was very much oriented toward interpreting the Course, or even arguing interpretations of A Course in Miracles, and none of that really appealed to me. So I realized it's time for something different, and without really consciously planning it, something happened. One night when I was asleep, I had this interesting vision, and I'm not going to go into it in vivid detail because it's not what I'm trying to promote; it's not what I'm trying to say to the world "wow, I had a vision." A lot of people have that, and use that as part of their promotion and it's just not what I'm looking for. But I will say this much. In this vision, I was holding a disc, and this disc had certain geometric symbols on it. And when I was looking at the disc, it seemed like it was downloading ideas to me. At first I just looked at them to be concepts or ideas and themes. They were really beautiful, really powerful, really interesting. So I was like "wow, this is just deep." So I thought I should probably write some of these down or I'll forget them, but they were just a few themes, a few paragraphs. So I thought "OK, I'll go write them down."