Astrology for the Soul April 10, 2019

astrologieWell, Sun conjunct Eris, the goddess of discord, and squaring the nodes, Saturn, Pluto and Moon doesn't sound like my kinda party, yikes! 

Will the fun never stop around here?  Whew, so, what this up/in is the need to go deeper to find the inner resources, strength and peace untouched or disturbed by anyone or anything.  Big job.

I think a lot of this has simply to do with adjusting our timelines.  The trick with Neptune and Pisces is there is no time in those other dimensional realms and we can often innocently assume that what we have inwardly seen, felt, or heard is going to externally manifest in the snap of a finger.  However, all this Capricorn energy is putting everything in slow motion where everyone gets to see and learn things they wouldn't at the speed of light!  Doesn't mean it won't happen, doesn't mean something is's just time.  The trick is to maintain the intention, effort, and love over the course of time.  Go for it!