Santos Bonacci. From Pisces to Aquarius - The New World of Love is coming


hart10When precisely is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius? Is it here yet? Do we have to wait for it for another millennia (or a few hundreds years if we are lucky)? Has it really began on December 21, 2012? Nobody can say for sure. Scientists and astrologers are still arguing. The Earth is so small and Universe is so huge, so perhaps it'll take years if not centuries for transition to fully happened.


The great spiritual thinker Rudolf Steiner believed that humanity should complete its path of individual self-realisation before entering a new stage of development - the era of spiritual brotherhood, based on selfless altruism and love. 
Yes, awareness is growing and people wake up in mass. It does feel like we live in time of a great change, but the world is not perfect. The elite is still full-time busy enslaving  us, seeding chemtrais in the sky, putting fluoride into water, planning wars, preparing new deadly vaccines and manufacturing microchips for our brains.
As people and individuals we ourself are also very different. Some are sitting day and night meditating, while the others listen to lady Gaga and eat Macdonalds. 
Just a thought: could it be that the Age of Aquarius comes to each of us individually, depending on who we are, what stage we are in, what are our thoughts and deeds?
There are special people like Santos Bonacci, who, I believe, are already there! They are the messengers from the future, giving us a helping hand, pulling us from our continuing Dark Ages into reality of love and light. Just listening to them brings hope and healing.